Hello lovely people! As you may know,  Kip & I are finally going to tie the knot! After 8 years of friendship,  and nearly 3 of being together,  we figure it's about time to make it official! We have chosen our special day to be June 6th. We are beyond excited to bring togetherour many friends,  & family to celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives!  Kip & I take our future together very serious,  & for the past few years have worked toward creating a stable life for ourselves, & future children. We appreciate what we already have,  & when it comes to material items,  do not need more. The most amazing gift from anyone would be simply to contribute to our future by donating. Honeymoon, paying off bills, & savings to start our own little family. Our goal is to someday build on the land we purchased a couple of years ago,  but it will take a lot of work! We understand that not everyone will be able to contribute,  & that's OK! All we ask is that if you would like to send a gift, we prefer something that supports building our life together . We do have a few particular items posted tho if you prefer to go that route.  We are so blessed by people that surround us. They have shown so much love and dedication to making this day spectacular! We hope. To see all of your lovely faces there! For those of you who are not able to attend,  we love you all the same <3 Thank you so much! 

     Megan Masterson & Kip Kessler

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